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A geoportal that compiles, analyzes and maps information about Quito
We are CIUQ! Through our geoportal, we communicate and combine information about our city and territory. We encourage collaborative research on topics that generate a more humane and sustainable city.

We want you to be part of our community! Create custom information that suits your needs or information related to your work field. CIUQ provides you friendly tools to do it!

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An easy and friendly geoportal that allows you to take data from predefined or customized zones, combine it, use it to generate advanced queries and create your own personalized data.

Select a study area.
Search for an indicator.
Make advanced queries combining maps.
Download results as maps, tables or bar graphs.
Create advanced and custom queries combining various indexes into your own indicators!
Explore geoinformation in an interactive way: data, services, businesses, indicators, public content, community research and much more. Combine all this information to get new data. You will be able to download:

- Maps
- Images
- Indicators
- Research
- Pdf or kml files
To promote  an interdisciplinary and collaborative research, we have made alliances with universities, professional organizations, NGOs,   independent researchers, community and study groups.

If you want to see your project or data displayed on our geo portal or if you want to do research with us, just fill the contact form!
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