The Quito Urban Information Center CIUQ was born as an initiative of the Pichincha Architects´ College  to promote research on city issues ant to inform the comunity about the results.

CIUQ seeks to transmit knowledge and experiences through research in several areas such as: urban-spatial planning, landscaping, climate change in cities, territory, environment, architectural heritage, and related sciences.

Through our geo-portal, we share geo-referenced public information, as well as information generated by our own investigations, or by us and our collaborators network. These investigations can be combined with each other to generate new data that contribute to the development of a more humane and sustainable city.

Through strategic alliances, the Quito Urban Information Center encourages collaborative research. We have a multidisciplinary team of experts in different scientific areas: Architecture, Urbanism, Geomatics, Biogeography, Gender, Sociology, Risk, Economics, Econometrics, Geostatistics, Data Analysis, among others.
Contribute to basic and applied research, knowledge exchange, scientific dissemination; as well as providing technical assistance, specialized services and continuing education, in the field of urban planning and land use planning.
To be the local and national reference, which contributes to the generation and transfer of scientific knowledge, oriented towards research on urban planning with inputs that contribute to the generation of public policy for the improvement of urban and territorial habitability.
Architecture and urbanism
Urban planification
Territorial Planning
• Urban biodiversity
Urban climate
Urban mobility
Construction intelligence
• Urban Risk
• Architectural heritage
• Green network and ecosystem services
Address: Núñez de Vela N35-204 e Ignacio San María
Whatsapp: (593)99 033 8814  e-mail: info@ciuq.ec
Quito - Ecuador
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